Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Charming Style Of Carmel

       What can I say about this quaint little town that has not been said before.  Romantic,Charming, & Dog Friendly, it is a must on your bucket list of places to visit. Carmel is best known for it's quirky fairytale like architecture~and gorgeous picturesque gardens. Inspiring & breathtakingly beautiful you will never want to leave this little town by the sea! 

                                                               Gorgeous entry!

                              Love this small stone path leading to the front door.

                       Most of the homes have a small courtyard quaint!

Beautiful doors & details make Carmel homes stand out...

Inspired yet? If not go to for more gorgeous Carmel home images!

In loving memory of my mother
Gail Ellena


  1. Vicki, Beautiful pictures. Just went 2 days ago and always amazed at the pretty homes and unique charm of each one!! Loving your posts and your great taste. You find the most lovely things.

  2. Kim, you are so sweet! Trying to figure this blog thing out~ not as easy as FB. When the weather gets nice~ I will start my garden & home videos. :)